The Fordham University online MSW program is changing the way we see social work education. It is a guiding light for those wanting to make a difference in people’s lives. This program is recognized for its outstanding quality and is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). It gives passionate individuals a chance to become leaders in social work, empowered to bring real change to our world.

Fordham University’s online platform makes it possible for working professionals to earn a top-notch social work online degree while keeping up with their community work. With the advanced standing option, students who hold a BSW from a CSWE-approved school can get their MSW faster. This approach shows the university’s dedication to helping ambitious individuals succeed in both their studies and careers.

The Fordham University online MSW program is perfect for social workers looking to enhance their impact. It fosters a culture of caring for others and working towards a better society. Here, students share a common goal: to improve the lives of those in need.

Key Takeaways

  • Fordham University’s online MSW is a feature-rich platform for professional growth in social work.
  • Accredited by CSWE, ensuring program reliability and licensure eligibility.
  • Offers an advanced standing track for expedited MSW completion.
  • The curriculum is designed with flexibility for working professionals.
  • Focuses on nurturing social work leaders who will make a positive societal impact.

Exploring the Fordham University Online MSW Program

The Fordham University online MSW program is a top choice. It benefits those with a Bachelor of Social Work. It lets them skip some courses and finish the MSW in about a year.

The Advantages of Advanced Standing in Social Work

This program helps students focus on advanced topics early. This makes learning more efficient and boosts career growth.

CSWE-Accredited Curriculum and Its Impact on Professional Readiness

Fordham’s online MSW has a CSWE-accredited curriculum. This means students learn what they need for real-world social work. It also helps with licensure and career progress.

Flexible Online Learning for Working Professionals

This program understands the needs of those who work full-time. It lets professionals keep working while they study. This way, they don’t have to give up their jobs or personal life.

  • Comprehensive support throughout the program
  • Integration of rigorous academic standards
  • Opportunities for field placements vital for real-world experience

It bridges textbook theory with real practice. The field placements in the online MSW programs are key for this.

Fordham University Online MSW Program

Fordham University’s Online MSW Program: A Pathway to Licensure and Beyond

online MSW programs for working professionals

A career in social work demands hard work, a solid education, and a plan for getting licensed. Fordham University’s online MSW programs for working professionals offer a perfect route. They are made to help you shine in this lively career field.

The online MSW courses at Fordham are well-organized. They meet tough licensing standards and are recognized as top online MSW programs. The mix of key education and practical aspects readies students for professional licensure.

  • Career growth via a deep grasp of social work ethics and practices is a key benefit.
  • Its tuition is affordable, ranking it among the most affordable online MSW programs.
  • Students can work and study at the same time, which boosts their job skills while earning their degree.

This program is big on putting skills to work. Students learn to not just meet but go beyond the norms. They get ready for a thriving social work career after graduating. This is true whether you want to move up in your job now or switch to a new part of social work. Fordham University clearly and effectively guides you to your career aims.

We’re excited for you to see what this respected program can do for your social work career. It combines top-notch quality, affordability, and hands-on learning.

Comprehensive Support for Online MSW Students at Fordham University

Fordham University offers more than just regular studies. They make sure students in the online MSW programs with field placements get a lot of help. This approach has made Fordham a top choice for those looking at accredited online MSW programs.

Field Placement Assistance in Diverse Settings

Practical experience is key in social work. So, Fordham helps its online MSW students find the right field placements. These placements match their goals and interests, getting them ready for the real challenges they’ll face.

Dedicated Academic Advising and Career Services

Support goes beyond class at Fordham. They have strong systems for academic advising and careers. These help online MSW students and graduates turn their studies into exciting job opportunities, standing out among accredited online MSW programs.

Integration of Technology and Education for Enhanced Learning Experience

Fordham uses the latest tech to improve learning. This means students are ready for today’s social work settings. This tech use is part of what makes Fordham’s MSW programs some of the best.

Online MSW Programs with Field Placements

The Impact of Fordham University’s Online MSW Program Alumni on the Social Work Field

Graduates from Fordham University’s online MSW programs continue their impressive work after graduation. They use the knowledge and skills gained to make a difference. Their success proves the program’s value and the power of affordable online MSW programs.

Fordham University online MSW program impact

Pioneering Social Change Through Expert Training

Alumni with field placements have solved big social issues. They’ve used their expert training to start projects that better community health and justice. This shows how their strong academic base leads to practical solutions.

Notable Alumni Achievements in Community Leadership

Alumni have made a big difference – fixing homelessness and fighting drug abuse. Their work shows online MSW programs for working professionals can be highly practical. These programs get grads ready to jump into solving community problems.

Forging Pathways for Social Justice and Advocacy

This MSW program gives grads the tools to push for fair policies and practices. Their efforts highlight the program’s success. It not only changes student lives but also helps their communities.

The Fordham University online MSW program alumni make a broad impact. They have drastically changed the social work world for the better.


The online MSW program from Fordham University shines as a top choice for those aiming to excel in social work. It combines flexible online studying with high academic standards. This mix makes it stand out amongst the best online MSW programs. It’s perfect for those who already work but want to advance their career too, making it a superior option for online MSW programs for working professionals.

The program focuses on creating change by arming students with vital skills. These skills are needed in the tough social work field. By emphasizing practical learning and making a real difference, Fordham University molds graduates into impactful social workers. The success stories of alumni show the program’s power in creating future social work leaders.

Fordham University is a leader in providing top-notch education for social workers. It sticks to high quality in academics, promotes a strong desire to serve, and encourages growth in the field. The Fordham University online MSW program breaks down old barriers. It offers a pioneering and easy-to-navigate education path for those passionate about social work.


What sets the Fordham University online MSW program apart from other programs?

Fordham University stands out with its CSWE-accredited program. It ensures grads are ready for professional work and licensure. The program fits perfectly for those already with a BSW. It offers flexible learning for working adults. This doesn’t lower the quality of the education. It focuses strongly on making social leaders for meaningful change.

How does the advanced standing track in Fordham’s online MSW program benefit students?

The advanced track is great for BSW grads. It lets them skip some courses and finish faster, sometimes in just one year. This feature is perfect for quick career growth in social work.

Is Fordham’s online MSW program flexible enough for full-time professionals?

Yes, Fordham’s program works well for those working full time. It’s set up so you can study while keeping up with work. This way, working students can keep pushing their education forward without pausing their career.

What kind of support services does Fordham University provide for online MSW students?

Various support is available at Fordham. This includes help with finding field placements that match student interests. There’s also advice on academics, support for looking into careers, and a tech-help team. These services all create a community that helps its students succeed.

Are graduates of the online MSW program at Fordham University prepared for licensure?

Yes, Fordham grads are well prepared for social work licensure. The program’s design aims at passing licensure requirements. This means graduates should have the right skills and knowledge to obtain professional licenses.

Can online MSW students at Fordham University choose their field placements?

Fordham’s online MSW program offers help in finding field placements. It then works with students to match them with the right placements. This ensures students get relevant experience in their chosen field.

What impact have alumni from Fordham’s online MSW program had on the social work field?

Alumni have noticeably impacted the social work field. They’ve led in community outreach, advocacy, and in creating new programs to better our society. Their work stands as an example of the strong influence Fordham’s program has had.